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Partial payments give you financial leeway

If you require dental work, the financial aspect should not prevent you from visiting the dentist because you can now enter into a partial payment agreement with your dental practice instead – based on fair conditions and complete discretion. The agreement is managed by Zahnärztekasse AG.

Zahnärztekasse AG is a financial services company which handles invoicing on behalf of dental practices. Patients therefore receive a notification of the fees owing from Zahnärztekasse AG. This relieves the dental practice of its administrative duties and enables it to focus on caring for patients.


  • You can pay the fee in up to 12 instalments.
  • If you pay the full sum owed within 3 months of the issue date of the payment notification, you will not be subject to a partial payment surcharge.
  • The partial payment surcharge for interest and processing fees is 10% per year (excl. VAT).
  • The partial payment surcharge is based on the total sum quoted in the original payment notification, from the date of issue. The 10% is based on a whole year and will be charged on a pro rata basis.
  • It is not possible to combine sums from different payment notifications in the same partial payment agreement. Please apply for a separate partial payment agreement for each payment notification.